Chairity celebrates Labor Day


On this holiday weekend, please buy a chair for HERTHA.


Chairity is ready for football season

Chairity is ready to play some football. She and her 99 current friends are a vital part of the Comfort Division of the NFL. Please keep her in the game by going to the HERTHA Web Site and donating a chair.

Are you ready for some Chairity?!

Chairity visits Area 51

Ripped from the headlines!
Now that a newly declassified CIA history from 20 years ago spills the story about Nevada’s Area 51 and its secret mission, Chairity recently visited the facility and had a very close encounter. She was floored!Area51Sign-Chairity

Little green men like the out-of-this-world, ET-friendly comfort provided by Chairity on Earth or in UFOs. Extraterrestrials heart Chairity — even when they have green blood. Men in Black repose in nothing less.AlienWorm

U2 can enjoy the Chairity experience by donating a chair. Turns out that HERTHA needs 51 more chairs! (Cue the spooky music.)

E.R. Royalties exhult in Chairity comfort

Amvets and Miss Elk Rapids Royalties stopped by the HERTHA tent at Evenings on River Street to experience the ultimate comfort of the Chairity experience. All agreed that HERTHA is purchasing the best chairs available.

Please help HERTHA provide even more way comfortable chairs by going to the HERTHA Web site and giving a chair.



Miss Elk Rapids photo courtesy of Diane Drogowski.